You Can Quote Me! Part 4

This is the last repeat I offer. Soon I’ll be back with pen in hand. Until then, I hope some of these hit the mark by offering you the encouragement you need!

Sometimes we hold on to things long past the expiration date. Some things should have been thrown out a long time ago because not only do they fail to bring us any satisfaction, they have become toxic.

Empathy implores us to extend more grace and offer fewer judgments.

If you know what you believe and you act upon it, you’ll have no regrets. You won’t have to keep an eye on the clock wondering if today is the day you have to justify your life.

If you want to know where someone’s heart lies, watch which direction his feet are pointing.

You may have reason for shame or pride, not based on your circumstances, but based on your response to them.

The absence of pain is not the same as the presence of joy.

Doing what you know you should do and doing what others think you should do may take you in very different directions.

Sometimes we think we are open to feedback when in reality we are open only to praise.

Praise is like cement; it sticks in our minds and make us want to do a repeat performance of what we just did to receive commendations.  It makes us want to work hard to hear additional rave reviews.

When we become unwilling to change – either because of fear, a belief that change is impossible, or that the habit is beyond our control – we are saying that we are powerless over our circumstances.  And that is rarely the case.

Being a leader is like being pregnant.  It might not show for a while, but when it does, everyone is going to be talking about what you’ve done.

What’s inside your head isn’t as important as what’s inside your heart.

Wait until your heart whispers.  Then act accordingly.

It takes an element of self-awareness to define the values that lie at your core.  Opinions change; values rarely do.

Everyone knows you can borrow brains.  But sometimes you need to borrow confidence, too.

We don’t get to choose who needs our help.

Maybe we can have it all, just not all at once…

Contentment and happiness are found more readily when you have a measure of passion about what is at hand.

Sometimes we are afraid to stand up because we don’t want to stand out.

Imagine the limits that you can reach if you give yourself permission to live now instead of waiting for some mythical future day.

Forgiveness is about choosing NOT to call the wrong into your memory.

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