You Can Quote Me! Part 2

I’m busy this week, but a neighbor stopped by and asked, “What happened to your blog? I’ve missed it!” Yes, my neighbor is also my mother, but…(JOKING! Besides, my mother only recently got a cordless phone in her house, so I don’t see her operating a computer or reading a blog. If it’s not on Fox News, it doesn’t happen).

Anyway, instead not doing a blog when I’m tied up, I’m going to take advantage of some of my pre-written words. Think of it like a pre-owned automobile. Some other sap paid for the depreciation, and you get the benefit of a ready-to-read blog that won’t cost you a penny. Unless you buy my books. Which of course you should…

Sometimes our desire to plan, plunge ahead and take charge conflicts with our need to wait in silence and listen to the whispers inside our hearts.

Are you a cornerstone or a keystone? A cornerstone goes in first, and all other stones conform to its order and placement. A keystone goes in last, and once slipped into place it makes sure the structure stays strong and stable. In the most important relationships in my life, I want to be a keystone. I may not have been first, but I will remain long after others are gone.

Don’t navigate through life with your mind OR your heart. Take and use them both in equal measures. Otherwise, it’s like swimming with just one arm…be prepared to make ridiculously silly looking circles.

If you try and fail, you’re a dreamer. If you don’t try and fail, you’re a loser. Which would you rather do? Go out swinging? Or go out because you stared at the ball? Go out swinging. Swing away.

When a child finger paints, runs around at recess or seeks a hiding spot to avoid a nightly bath, he does it all with 100% of his heart. In that way, adults should follow the example of the children (but bath more often).

Thinking about my closest friends, I realized that those I met while running from a bad place are no longer in my life. But those I met while in pursuit of a good place have become my dearest friends.

Success requires targeted ambition. Be in the right moment and focus on the right opportunities when they are in front of you.

If you take the lessons you’ve learned and share them with others, your pain becomes a pearl for someone else.

Personal and professional setbacks are part of life. It’s been said the test of your character is what it takes to stop you. Embrace change, forge ahead into new frontiers, and find the positive. Make today the time for your character to shine the brightest.

Treat people quickly, compassionately, and consistently on each encounter, and consumers will beat a path to your door, regardless of your industry.

It seems that not every thing that is instant is gratifying. And most things that are gratifying are not instant.

Before you discard an idea make sure it’s the idea that is stupid and not just your limited perspective at the moment. Some ideas are like wine, and they take time to mature.

Success isn’t about having a plan and sticking to it; rather, it’s about being willing to make modifications when you hit the unexpected.

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  1. Jason Seiden says:

    Thought provoking. I’m definitely a cornerstone.

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