Improving Your Communication

From the time we enter the world until we leave it, we perpetually communicate. So why is it that communication is SO HARD? Even more importantly, what can we do to improve the effectiveness of our business and personal communication?

When my friend Marlene Chism asked me to share some simple communication improvement tips during her online program called Attitude Builders, I jumped at the chance. As an author, speaker, and relationship guru, Marlene understands that communication serves as one of the most important tools for a leader. During this short interview, I will share The 8 Steps to Clear Communication, which I learned from my years as a family therapist, and then as the chief of staff of internal operations for a major health insurance provider.

Attitude Builders is a members-only program wherein each month transformational leaders, authors and experts provide a virtual seminar to members. Many of the members share these trainings with their staff as an easy-to-use staff development program with no prep, no plan and no problem!

Although Attitude Builders is for members only, since I am the featured guest, I was invited to sponsor my favorite businesses and friends to attend this program as VIP guests. If you can’t attend live, you will still get a copy of the MP3 to download and listen to at your convenience, a $50 value.

If you wish to attend, all you have to do is register. Here’s the page to learn more!

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