Calling All Sickies…

Ever notice how you can be walking down the street or watching TV or having a great time with your friends, when all of sudden you get sick out of nowhere? One minute, you’re going about your day, and then one sneeze or one cough makes you go POOOF! You’re transformed from well to sick in an instant.

Sickness happens. If it hasn’t happened to you yet this year, it will. And if it doesn’t, I can help you empathize by sneezing in an envelope and sending it to you. You will then remember what it’s like to be sick.

Yeah, I’ve been sick…feverish, coughing my eyeballs out, head feels like there are small men in there with hammers and picks. That’s not my point, though. This blog isn’t about being sick.

My point is simply this: it’s much easier to recognize when something isn’t 100% right than it is to appreciate when things are 51% good! If you’re looking at something that isn’t 100% right today, savor every improvement that gets closer to resembling wholeness. Even if everywhere you look, things appear to be only 51% of perfection, be grateful. They could be much worse. And if you fall below 50% of what you deem as perfection in your world, quiet your heart and know that there’s a really good chance that things will improve from where you are right now.

And if you are sick, and that’s your main gripe today, do this: the next time you feel well, don’t take it for granted. Savor it. Remember what it’s like to be sick. Live in the moment of happiness and wholeness. And try washing your hands more often, too. It might help…

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  1. Laurence Pallez says:

    Practical and important information for all the sickies out there…
    Went to my dentist, and when discussing flu, me sick, cough, cough… she told me something that makes SO MUCH sense, and yet I had never thought about it…
    After you are through with the chunk of your sickeness, you need to throw away your toothbrush!
    Viruses can live on your toothbrush for a very long time, and you could end up re-infecting yourself!!! Yuck! I know!
    And for those of you who have electric toothbrushes, will need to disinfect the head (2 hrs in peroxide should)…
    Now, be on your way to be healthy again!

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