Are You Putting Me On???

Chatting with a friend this morning inspired me to think about what things can people put on to change the kind of day…or night…they’re going to have while also helping them to feel great in the process.

I came up with a short list, just three things. After you read mine, what would you add?

Put on your Sunday best. A bride always looks beautiful on her wedding day, even if every other day of her life she looks like a goat with cracked hooves. And what man doesn’t look a little more Bond-ish in a tuxedo? No, you don’t have to put on a wedding gown or a penguin suit to dress up. But you can wash and press your clothes, and do the best with what you have.

If you think you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself. And that even applies to your crazy aunt who wears that dress that looks like it was made from the fabric of a discarded couch. It doesn’t matter if you think she looks good or not; when she thinks she looks good, she acts a little less crazy. And that’s all that matters.

Put on a wig. A friend of mine told me that he and his wife do this little role play game where she comes into the bar where he’s sitting while wearing a wig sporting a color that is very different from her own. They flirt, get close and have a little fantasy of their own while effectively picking up each other like strangers. It sounds odd to me, but whatever. Actually, I think I could get into that, but I think the real turn-on for me would be if she were to pick up the check.

I acted in a few plays in college. After weeks of rehearsals, sometimes the material felt a little stale. But something amazing happened during the first dress rehearsal: MAGIC! A little make-up, a costume and a wig created an instant transformation. Okay, a wig is not for everyone. But if you’ve ever put one on your head, you know it changes you.

Put on a smile. A frown on an ugly person face creates the same effect as wearing a necktie around your butt. People will take notice of it, and they might even feel sorry for you. But is that what you want? Pity?

Even the most dour face can be improved with a smile. A smile says, “See? I’m not dead yet!” It tells people that you’re approachable. It makes you seem friendly. And couldn’t the world use a little more niceness? A smile doesn’t just transform the person who puts it on, but it also changes the people who see it. What happens when someone smiles at you? You smile back. If you’re normal.

Okay, put on any one of those three things, and it will change the kind of day you’re going to have. But put on a smile, and it will change you AND everyone who sees it. So get crackin’!

Now tell me what’s on your list…

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  1. Laurence Pallez says:

    Ok, I see your point… Agree on the clothes… The wig? Heh… Why not?
    The smile? Definitely!
    Here is what I usually do to get to that smile on though…
    For me, it requires most of my senses…

    Clothes: add color! Amazing how wearing bright and cheerful colors can actually help with your mood, especially if you play your cards right!
    Skin tone is very important to consider… Some people will never be able to pull of a bright red, or an shiny orange, but will look outstanding in turquoise, or green… The color of your eyes is also something you can play with…
    And as mentioned above, when you feel you look good, you will feel better!
    So color? Check.

    Perfume / Cologne / Essential Oils / Lotion / Soap… Ok, this one is VERY important to me… I am French, and an absolute perfume addict! And trust me, it is an art to always smell wonderful, without giving into in the overkill… It requires excellent quality perfumes, and a keen knowledge of how much is “just right”… You want people to notice how wonderful you smell, not put them in a coma or start a coughing fit because it’s too overpowering! LOL!
    So heavenly smell? Check.

    Nothing improves my mood like the right type of music! I truthfully can decide what kind of day I am going to have by carefully choosing the very first song I will hear in the morning (I wake up with musc), and then do not be afraid of hiting the repeat button!
    Some songs just instilled joy, happiness and energy! Play them loud, and play them often!

    I love coffee, and I love food… A cup of good coffee, and a piece of dark chocolate will set me on my way!

    Once all my senses are satisfied, the smile on my face is almost automatic!

    There will always be things during your day that will challenge your positive attitude, and all that careful preparation can very quickly go out the window if you are not paying attention…

    For me, the best way to keep my attitude from going sour? Do something nice for someone else… Someone I know, or a complete stranger… Seeing the smile on their face will always bring one back on mine.

    Have a wonderful day!

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