The Excuse of Imperfection…

What kind of person are you? Are you the type that won’t ever try anything new because you know that you will be imperfect? Or are you the type that keeps pushing forward, accepting (…or is it excepting?) that imperfection allows you to learn, that imperfection gives you an opportunity to improve and correct problems when you find them?

Last week, I wrote “The Truth About Failure” as a way to explain the power of self-talk. If you tell yourself “I can’t” or give in to thoughts like “What if I fail?”, you set yourself up for failure. But just because you tell yourself “I can” or “I’m going to be fantastic” doesn’t magically make it so, either.

Last year, a friend challenged me to blog, to write something a few days each week. But I had a list of excuses:

  • I’m dyslexic.
  • I can’t spell.
  • I have nothing to say (in writing, anyway).

But I took up the challenge (thanks Tom!) and started writing. And I found that I rather liked it. But my writing was plagued with errors.

Error:  “Making Peace Your Cats” (Yeah, it kind of makes sense in a hippie lingo sorta way). Intended: “Making Peace With Your Cats”

Error: “The Power of Adverity” (I’ve been known to string together letters that almost pass as real words). Intended: “The Power of Adversity” (Ah!)

Error: Video clip “Staring A. Carbonara” (In fairness, though, she was staring at the camera). Intended: Starring A. Carbonara.

And sadly, the errors above were JUST FROM LAST WEEK!

Early on after accepting that little writing challenge, I wanted to stop. It seemed no matter how careful I tried to be, I made mistakes nearly each day. But, fortunately, another friend challenged me in a different way. He said, VALUE PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. Great advice. Or is it advise? Either way, thanks Sam!

For me (…or is it I?), I choose to celebrate my imperfections along the way as a positive sign that I’ve not given up.

How about you? Will you reject a new challenge, fearing that you will be less than perfect? Or will you give it a shot, knowing that you can learn from your imperfections as you improve and refine your skills?

Come on! SOTP MAKING EXQUSES for not trying anything new or risky!

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