Are You Holding onto a Nut?

Years ago, I read how trappers would catch monkeys to relocate them. They would fasten a rope to a large coconut. Then they would secure the coconut to the ground using a stake. They would drill a small hole in the coconut, and place several small nuts inside. A curious monkey would come out of the clearing to check things out. Reaching inside the coconut, the monkey would feel the nuts. The monkey did some simple math…

Hole in coconut + inserted hand + nuts = a meal

The trappers would come out of the clearing and easily capture the monkey. The monkey sensed the danger, but he wouldn’t let go of the nuts. Once the monkey closed its fist, his hand was too big to be removed from the coconut. Since the coconut was chained to the ground, the monkey had to chose between holding on the the first full of nuts or letting go to escape. The monkey wouldn’t let go of an easy meal. So instead of letting go, the monkey was trapped.

The trappers counted on the predictability of the monkey. A monkey is curious (hence, George). But some monkeys are stubborn, refusing to change course once they set their minds.

What’s got you trapped? A sour relationship? A bad habit? A miserable job?

Maybe it’s negative thinking, believing that your circumstances and your behavior cannot change.

Challenge yourself: Is your status quo better than making a break and making a change?

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