Why You Don’t Have Engaged Employees…

Remember that old-fashion concept of employee engagement? You probably thought it went away, right? I mean, who cares if employees are engaged when the economy is in the crapper? Where can they go?

I asked people to finish this statement about a job they quit: “I knew it was time to leave when…” Here’s what they had to say:

“…when your leaders are no longer listening to you, it’s time to leave.” Betsy P.

“…when I was spending more time justifying my existence than putting my skills to work in service of a vision.” Nate R.

“…when my boss said, ‘I just don’t know what you people do.'” John S.

“…when my boss contacted me for the first time in over a month!” Terry T.

“…when leadership paid lip-service around wanting feedback and then ignored the answers.” G.B.

“… when I worked for an office supply store. My computer broke, so I had to work from my home until it was replaced. Three months later they still had not replaced it. BTW – they sold computers in the store. A month after I left, the company was sold.” Kathryn B.

Maybe you don’t have engaged employees because you hired really rotten people. Or maybe it’s because you don’t support your good employees.

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