The Best Communicators (Conclusion)

According to Wikipedia, communication “is a process of transferring information from one entity to another.” Sounds pretty straightforward.

But there is a vast difference between communicating and being an effective communicator.

What do the best communicators do better than good ones?

The 10 points I’ve outlined are a combination of things that can be learned and things that are part of character. If you’re a leader, you can hire someone to help you with #2-10.  A communication expert with business and speech writing experience coupled with a public speaking background can make sure your memos and presentations:

  • include memorable stories
  • have a conversational tone
  • use appropriate repetition
  • are transparent
  • set sufficient context
  • align messages
  • are intentional and planned
  • use feedback for improvement and follow up
  • stop talking once you’ve made your point

Celebrities and politicians hire public relations firms to clean up their image.  Over time, people forget transgressions, especially if they weren’t directly affected by them. Most of us don’t know personally the celebrities and politicians who are exposed doing various shameful acts.

That’s where being a leader is different. If you are to lead others, you have to be known personally, committed personally, and invested personally. There is no shortcut for developing that kind of credibility when it comes to leading others. Hire experts to shape your messages and to assist you on implementing powerful communications. But the number one success factor rests on you alone.

What would you add?

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