Starting Tomorrow…

Managers, think the concept of employee engagement is dead? Think again. Company leaders have had a period of grace over the last couple of years while the economy struggled. Employees put their heads down, tried to attract as little attention as possible, stifled their complaints, and hoped to keep their jobs at any cost. As the economy recovers, employees will have new options.

And guess what? If you’ve treated your employees with an “I-can-have-ten-more-qualified-people-fill-your-position-in-a-day” attitude, you might be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Employees who are disgruntled with their jobs, bosses and companies have nowhere to go when jobs are scarce. But once these employees have other employment options, you might be in trouble.

One employee put it this way:

I knew it was time to leave when the company culture changed and employee contributions and sacrifices were no longer being valued by senior management.”  Matt H.

Sound familiar? Sound like the kind of culture that you as a manager have helped create over the last few years?

Stay tuned…

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