Service Excellence Is No Fluke

Last month, I wrote about my experience at the Edward Hospital Emergency Room in Naperville, Il. I shared that I had a fantastic experience with everyone I met there, from the orderlies to the doctor.

Unfortunately, that was not to be my last visit. I have had 3 more opportunities to experience the hospitality of that hospital since that time. And I have to say that the service and attention I got last month was not a fluke. They are an efficient machine, yet their efficiency includes compassion and personalized care.

Two things can explain why this hospital works so well when others find themselves in the news for incompetence. The first explanation is that maybe the hospital administrators flagged me as a VIP since I wrote a very complimentary blog about them. That would explain why I’m treated like family when I show up there. I mean, I’m going into the ER for pain management around some kidney stones. It’s not like I’m dying. At least, I hope that’s not why they are being so nice to me. Okay, there are three possible explanations. The second is that I AM DYING. They have a be-nice-to-dying-people policy. That could explain why I get great treatment.

Or, there’s the third option: Edward Hospital has got it figured out. They hire people who want to work there. They hire people who love people, love helping others. The administration knows how to engage the staff so that everyone brings their A-game to work every day. They create an environment where the hospital personnel are part of a team, and once on that team, each member knows his role and executes it flawlessly. And they know how to replicate this service experience around the clock. They have a second and third shift, but there is no second string on their team.

Having worked for years on the health insurance side of the business, I have a new appreciation for the role that networks, providers, and hospitals play in the overall perception of health care value. In a day when consumerism in health care is on the rise, Edward is ahead of the curve. Short of sending me home with my own morphine drip or removing all of my plumbing, Edward excels in customer-centric care.

Treat people quickly, compassionately, and consistently on each encounter, and consumers will beat a path to your door, regardless of your industry.

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