Super-Size My Success!

Have a headache? Pop a couple of pills.

Hungry? Throw something in the microwave oven.

Want to watch a movie? Order it up on the computer.

Want to be thin? Schedule liposuction.

For nearly every want or need we have, society has found a way to deliver quick results. I did a little checking, and most of our wants and needs can be fulfilled by using a drive-thru window. It’s not just for food any longer. You can do your banking, pay property taxes, and attend church…all without leaving your car. And for those in a real hurry, here are some other things you might want to check out. Did you know that you can also…

  • Get married? Or get divorced?
  • Purchase liquor? And cigarettes? (Try the side of DUI and heart disease at no additional charge)
  • Visit a strip club? (Giving the phrase “Keep your hands where I can see ’em” a new meaning)
  • Attend a funeral?

Who doesn’t love speed and convenience? It’s the American way.

A couple of things I haven’t seen offered via a drive-up window are success and happiness. As I walked past my neighbor’s yard the other day, I commented on her beautiful garden while she was weeding. “So that’s the secret to a beautiful garden,” I joked.

“Yes,” she replied. “It’s called hard work.”

It seems that not every thing that is instant is gratifying. And most things that are gratifying are not instant.

Want to super-size your success? It’s called hard work and discipline. Want to be average, mediocre? You don’t have to change a thing…

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