My Butt Was in the Seat But My Soul Had Left the Building…

Remember that old-fashion concept of employee engagement? You probably thought it went away, right? I mean, who cares if employees are engaged when the economy is in the crapper? Where can they go?

I asked people to finish this statement about a job they quit: “I knew it was time to leave when…” They told me they wanted supportive bosses, bosses who treated them with respect and dignity, and bosses who challenged them. And they said:

“…when I started to recognize myself in the colleagues I respected the least, those who were de-motivated, unhappy, and obstructive. Their attitude started to rub off on me. I knew I had to get out before I became someone I didn’t like.” Helen P.

“…I had a boss who used to sweat all the time. I left when he was at the height of an emotional sweat episode. When it turned brown…it was time to go.” Robert C.

“…when I had to push myself to go to work every morning because I had long stopped enjoying what I was doing.” S.G.

“…when I began to dread Monday on Saturday night!”  Tammy M.

“…when I start watching the clock to leave work and its only 11 A.M!” Cheryl K.

“…when I heard myself say for the 5th time that the worst thing that would happen to me through the downsizing was that I would remain with the organization.” Melissa M.

“…when I realize that I cannot make a difference and feel unhappy going to work.” Patti B.

“…when I would cry all the way to work and then all the way back home.” Anne Marie C.

Maybe you don’t have engaged employees because your employees are too lazy to give you discretionary effort. Or maybe it’s because you haven’t tried to unleash it in them.

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