You’re Being Watched!

Years ago, I watched this couple in a restaurant. The man was very large; the woman, petite. It was obvious to me what was going on. The woman’s face could have curdled milk it was so sour. The man was in the dog house, and his hung-dog look told the whole story. I imagined what he was saying to his companion:

I already said I’m sorry for eating the children. Are we going to let this ruin our whole weekend?

Someone is always watching and interpreting your actions. Every facial expression, gesture, and ounce of body language is read by all observers.

What's on your face?

If you are a leader, be sensitive to the messages you are sending, especially at this time when the nation’s economy continues to struggle and many organizations remain in staff-reduction mode. Employees can get fearful, distracted and insecure during tough times, and they look for signs in everything they see. What does your expression say to your employees? Do they see fear, frustration, or exhaustion?  Or do they see confidence, hope, and optimism?

You’re not the only one who notices the wrinkles and stress lines growing on your brow. Make an effort to project buoyancy.  That look on your face might be the remnants of cross words you had with your spouse on the phone two minutes ago; but it might be viewed as something different, something ominous to employees who just read an email from “corporate” saying to expect more changes…

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  1. Scott, you are so right. I always tell one of my best friends that I can tell exactly how his business is going by the way he carries himself. We’re working on that, so that it does not affect his team.

    Bearing is a leadership trait that if often overlooked.

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