The Paradox

The new trickle-down

The economy struggles.

People spend less money.

Companies initiate cost-cutting.

Cost-cutting inevitably leads to downsizing.

Many managers struggle with communicating tough messages.

The message managers share sends shivers down the spines of surviving employees.

Fearful, distracted employees can’t provide service excellence or a competitive advantage.

Productivity drops while quality suffers, leading customers to become increasingly dissatisfied.


People spend less money.

Companies initiate more cost-cutting…

You can’t put powdered sugar on a turd and call it dessert. Some messages are going to be tough to share or sell no matter how well they are delivered. Effective managers communicate more than content; they give context around the messages they share. Context has a way of helping people understand why things have to change.

Managers, when’s the last time you communicated a tough message? Rate yourself based on how people responded.  Better yet, ask a few of your key people to rate you and give you honest feedback.

Hint #1: If you changed your message or your approach so YOU would feel more comfortable delivering the news, you might lack courage. Lack of courage is dangerous for someone in leadership.

Hint #2: If you didn’t change your message or your approach so your AUDIENCE would feel more comfortable and able to understand your news, you might lack empathy. Lack of empathy is deadly for someone in leadership.

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