The Best Communicators (Part 8)

What do the best communicators do better than good ones?

This means "Play with me!"

3.  They seek feedback.

I worked with someone who would close her eyes during one-on-one conversations whenever she got passionate about her point. She would keep them closed, move her head from side to side, and not stop talking long enough for me to make a point. I think that was intentional on her part. She did not want feedback. She shut her eyes and her ears, cutting off any possibility for a contrary point of view to enter into her head.

Great communicators do the opposite. They use every tool at their disposal to find out what people are saying, feeling, thinking, experiencing. That feedback is critical because it will help shape the next message.

Want your listener or reader to experience a dialog instead of a monologue?

Use your eyes, ears, social media, etc. to hear what they are saying.

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