The Best Communicators (Part 5)

What do the best communicators do better than good ones?

Why shouldn't I hike alone?
Why shouldn't I hike alone? Oh yeah...

6.  They use context.

Finish this statement that parents share with their children: “Don’t run with scissors or __________________.”  What? Were you thinking “poke/put your eye out?” Probably.

“Don’t run with scissors” tells the what, or in this case, what not to do. Anyone who has seen a toddler knows the child’s response to this statement….”But WHY?” Why? Because you’ll put your eye out: that’s the why of the message.

Many business messages declare: we are moving our email platform to Lotus Notes, we are closing the Pasadena branch, we are increasing health care premiums.  Great business messages declare while providing the context and rationales for the information.

Want to fill in the logical questions that your listener or reader may have to your message?

Set context up front, then reinforce your message throughout with solid rationales.

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