Flaw Disorder: Special Victims Unit

vict-im (n) One who is harmed by or made to suffer from an act, circumstance, agency or condition.

Example: A child diagnosed with a hereditary disease. Victim of poor genes.

Example: A woman has her purse snatched in the subway. Victim of a crime.

Example: A family’s house engulfed in flames. Victim of a wild fire.

Example: A driver rear-ended at a stoplight. Victim of a careless driver.

When I read stories like the ones above, I get sad or shake my head. Then I read about another class of victim. And I get angry.

Example: Students cheating on exams. Victims of academic anxiety disorder.

Example: Corporate leaders putting profits ahead of product safety. Victims of gambling addiction, one where executives bet human lives like they are chips.

Example: “Newsworthy” people with revolving doors on the zippers on their pants. Victims of sexual addiction.

Example: Celebrities using the “N” word, complaining about the leak of their sex tapes, and a general belief that laws and rules don’t apply to them. Victims of narcissist personality disorder.

These self-made victims have a boat-load of Karma coming their way.

“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.” Alfred A. Montapert.

Are you a real victim, one worthy of compassion? Do you play the role of a special victim, making excuses when you get caught (figuratively or literally) with your pants down? Or do you accept responsibility for the choices you make? The latter is truly medal-worthy based on its rarity.

Update. This just in. Apparently, Eric Massa’s struggle with cancer is the cause of his filthy, sexually-laced tirade. Here’s someone who is worthy of compassion for having cancer but also worthy of a spanking for having a potty-mouth and then blaming others…

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